Good morning!

Some of you may have already heard our news but for majority who haven’t… WE ARE MOVING TO AUSTIN, TX in just 11 days!

Here’s what might be going through your head…

  • Why the heck are you moving to Texas?!

  • What does this mean for your business and ALE?

  • Will you be doing weddings in California still?

  • And what can we expect to see in 2019?

I’ll get to these questions in a moment, but first wanted to begin with all the feelings that have emerged over the last two months: Excited. Terrified. Uneasy. Nostalgic. Homesick. Anxious. Secure. Ready. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and took me longer than I had imagined to process selling our very first home in Oakland. My fiancé, Chad, and I will forever cherish all the memories, traditions, and epic parties (yeah!) we threw with our closest friends and family. We loveeee to entertain what more can I say? ;)

Now to answer the questions above….

  • My fiancé is in real estate (house-flipping) and is moving his company’s headquarters to Austin. Having both been born and raised in the Bay Area, we’re looking forward to a new (and hopefully cheaper) lifestyle change too! We’ve visited Austin several times over the past couple years and are huge fans of the people, hospitality, delicious food, lakes and music scene. But things I’m not so looking forward to are the humidity, Texas insects, and ditching my daily yoga pant attire! Regardless, I am happy to say I’m ready to embrace this new adventure together along with our fur baby Leo.... my mom (who actually grew up in Houston) has not stopped texting us “ya’ll” since we told her the news.

  • We will be expanding our services within the Austin market and I couldn’t be more excited!! I will continue to run my business from our new place in ATX while also traveling back to California for events. We have Northern and Southern Calif. weddings booked through Fall 2019 and have structured our packages to include all travel and accommodation so there are no hidden fees (ps. we also love destinations!!). 95% of my job is done remotely through phone calls and emailing, and luckily, my amazing clients have taken the news so incredibly well! They are the ones that motivate me the most and are what keep this biz thriving even in the thick of wedding season (a.k.a right now).

  • I was so fortunate to have grown my team this year by adding four wonderful event production assistants. They have not only helped with flawless execution at our events, but have motivated me as a business owner to dream bigger and reach higher. Moving forward, I plan to continue growing the ALE brand among California’s wedding industry while simultaneously settling our company’s headquarters and roots in Texas. If you are a vendor or wedding professional based in ATX, I would absolutely love to meet in person over coffee or a glass of wine! As cliché as it sounds, there’s nothing I enjoy more than meeting new faces and building long-lasting relationships in this crazy, beautiful industry.

  • Lastly…what should we expect in the next year? Well, that’s a tough one! Settling in a new market would probably have to be the biggest priority for 2019. I really crave routine and am looking forward to getting back into a work groove in a new place and a new setting. Expect to see more face-to-face interactions on the gram. Expect to see more real weddings and styled shoots showcased on our blog. And expect to see more personal updates like planning our destination wedding and some home design inspo - I’m a sucker for interior design! We’re moving into a high-rise apartment downtown, which if you know me, is not typically my jam. I’ve been madly pinning inspiration for minimal/cozy/chic apartments which has been far too addicting. Stay tuned for Friday where I’ll be sharing my recent pins!

This was very therapeutic for me to write out in words but if any questions or topics were missed, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Have a great Wednesday ya’ll! :)

xx Andria