Signature Cocktails


It's Friday again, and I'm heading to Portland this afternoon for a quick weekend trip! My boyfriend is an Oregon alum so we're headed up to attend the big football game against Nebraska. Since my college didn't have a football team, I find it only appropriate to root for his college team. GOO DUCKS!

And weekends call for weekend drinks, am I right? Today I'm talking all about signature cocktails and whether or not to have them at your wedding. Personally I love the idea of custom drinks, especially when couples do a signature 'ours' (a single unique drink).  Not only does it brew conversation during cocktail hour, but it's a chance to personalize your wedding and share more about you guys as a couple. Plus who doesn't love a well crafted cocktail with fresh handpicked garnishes?  For fall and winter weddings, think rosemary sprigs, figs, cinnamon sticks and cardamom spice...mmm I can almost smell (and taste) these right through the computer screen! Bottoms up ;)