This mood board is inspired by the gorgeous, and healing stone of JADE. Of course, my idea for this color palette came casually while researching the best jade roller on Amazon...if you haven't heard, these rollers are apparently amazing for skin rejuvenation and reducing swelling  ;) I swear, look it up!

Since every jade stone naturally varies in color, I decided to incorporate both soft and rich shades together....How pretty is the glossy mosaic tile with pops of amber yellow? I love pairing green and gold together and think it's such a clean palette for weddings year round (think emerald and sage too!). You don't always need blushes and pinks to make the setting romantic either. Try incorporating velvety textures, silk chiffon ribbons, and soft greenery for even a whimsical touch.

Well, I'm off to complete my order on Amazon....hope you all had a long, recharging LDW! <3