Morning Ritual


good morning! I wanted to share my daily ritual when I get up in the morning as I'm a huge believer in having a consistent routine. not only is it it a healthy practice for the mind + body,  but I find it really sets the tone for my day and motivates me towards reaching my goals both professionally, mentally, and physically. I'd love to hear if you guys have any positive or special ritual that gets your day started too!

+ avoid checking emails/texts/instagram for the first 20-25 min, I'd be lying if I said I avoid this's proven to be very difficult at times!

+wash face...throw on a face mask if I'm feeling extra frisky ;)

+make my morning tea: earl grey with a splash of almond milk. I rarely drink coffee in the morning anymore but if I'm really feeling sluggish, I'll pour just a cup of joe with almond milk + cinnamon for a natural sweetener!

+get settled into my office. check my to-do list which I've written out the night before. add anything relevant or that needs to get done for the day. check emails, start on any client projects, plan instagram post, jot down any fresh ideas that come to mind for my biz or clients' weddings

+light an office candle (if anyone knows me well, my obsession with lighting candles runs deep) or set up diffuser to get in the right mindset. lately I've been loving the combo of doterra's holiday joy + peppermint. when it's not the holidays though, I'm typically blending wild orange + lavender 

+complete the work flow mood with a good playlist. I rarely can work without music in the background. nothing too aggressive. I frequent the acoustic and mellow playlists on spotify like 'afternoon acoustics' or 'evening chill' --> a personal fav while cooking dinner too

+I try to get at least 30min of physical activity out of the way in the morning. if I'm not signed up for a yoga or pilates class, I'll usually take a mid-morning break to walk my pup. we live near amazing hiking trails in oakland hills and my dog absolutely loves them

PS. my december goal is finishing my office design/organization before the new year! I'm a huge believer in creating a cozy space that reflects good energy, your brand/vibe, and inspiration. I love having something to look at right in front of me- whether it's a powerful quote, mood board, calendar, or picture from a recent project. Loving the desks below and how they're each special in their own way...oh and good lighting is always key.